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The Sport Hunter SD1825 is an incredibly versatile training collar and a good choice for all-around use. It is designed for a wide range of dog handlers including pet owners, obedience trainers, bird hunters, rabbit hunters, and waterfowl hunters.

You can customize your SportDOG SD-1825 to match your training preference. It comes out of the box set up in MODE-1 (an 8-level continuous + 8-level momentary stimulation one dog collar with a separate tone button), but it can easily be changed into 13 different modes with different button configurations. This allows you to customize your transmitter to your training needs. The wide range of stimulation levels and gradual increases between levels on the SD-1825 are particularly useful with sensitive dogs or breeds.

The SD-1825 features 1 mile of range, a slim profile collar receiver that ensures a perfect fit, and a compact transmitter that’s easy to handle. You are also able to transform your one dog system into a two or three dog unit with the “Add-A-Dog” feature. And it’s waterproof!


  • Transmitter weight: .35 lbs
  • Collar weight with Receiver: .3 lbs
  • Collar length without Receiver: 28″
  • Collar length with Receiver: 26″

or you can directly read the Owner’s manual. Click here!

SportDOG SD-1825 Transmitter (Remote)

  • Waterproof transmitter — It’s submersible, too! Drop the transmitter in the water, fish it out, and keep on training. Perfect for retriever training.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries — They’re user replaceable, too. Heavy duty. They last 3-5 years with proper care.
  • It’s smart — The SD-1825 has a Low Battery Detect Indicator to make sure you don’t get out in the field with a dead battery, and a built-in LED Battery Charge Indicator which lets you know when your transmitter is finished charging.
  • No holster required — The SD-1825 transmitter is small enough to hang on a lanyard or clip on your belt with the built in Belt Clip.
  • It’s about the size of a small walkie-talkie or large cell phone — The compact SD-1825 remote transmitter only weighs 4.8 ounces and measures 7″ x 2.12″ x 1.12″ with antenna.
  • The “SportHunter” SD-1825 transmitter is ergonomic and feels as good as it looks. The high-impact plastic with “no-slip grip” fits in the palm of your hand. Matte black finish with safety-orange trim.
  • Built-in TOGGLE SWITCH — Easy to upgrade to up to 6 dogs. Select between color-coded straps when using with more than one dog.

Transmitter MODES

The SportDOG 1825 gives you the option of customizing the transmitter to fit YOUR needs. It also allows you the option of changing the stimulation setup as your needs change or if you want different options in different situations.Modes include Continuous, Momentary, Tone, Vibration, Low Continuous-High Continuous, Low Momentary – High Momentary, 3 dog Mode featuring one button per dog (Continuous or Momentary based on the position of the toggle switch), tone with stimulation delay, +2 jump level, 6 dog mode with Continuous only (dogs 1-3 on toggle up, and dogs 4-6 on toggle down), and a programmable continuous hot button.Change MODES in seconds by setting the transmitter dial and toggle switch to the mode you want. Next press the recessed button on the back of the transmitter. The transmitter light then flashes back the number of the mode you have selected. Modes can be changed as often as you like. Change them for different situations or training styles.

SportDOG SD-1825 Collar

The SD 1825 features a slim-profile collar design. The 1825 collar is designed to fit closer to your dog’s neck and give a better profile look. The SD-1825 uses a 3/4 inch collar strap. It is smaller than any collar receiver in its price and feature range.

  • Internal antenna system
  • Rugged molded case built to withstand all kinds of training and hunting conditions
  • Waterproof Collar/Receiver (Perfect for Retriever Training)
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are user-replaceable, heavy duty, and last 3-5 years with proper care
  • Built-in LED is a battery charge indicator and test light
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces with collar strap
  • Receiver Dimensions (without collar strap): 3.12″ x 1.25″ x 1.25″
  • Collar Dimensions: 3/4″ wide, 26″ collar strap fits up to 23″ dog neck
  • Black strap included

Collar MODES

Another feature in the 1825 collar is the ability to change stimulation settings at the collar. The collar has a low, medium and high setting. This allows you the option of finding the correct range of stimulation for your dog. Lower the overall stimulation choices for more sensitive dogs and raise the levels for hard headed or stubborn ones.

You can change the collar setting at any time. You can also have collars set up on different levels and work them from the same transmitter. This allows you the option of working sensitive and stubborn dogs from the same transmitter.

SportDOG SD-1825 Comes With:

  • Active SportDOG SD 1825 collar
  • SportDOG SD 1825 transmitter
  • Transmitter antenna
  • Short stimulation probes
  • Long stimulation probes
  • Adjustable black collar strap with square roller buckle and metal keeper which fits up to a 23″ neck
  • User replaceable, rechargeable batteries in the collar + transmitter
  • Dual lead battery charger — Save time because you can charge both collar and transmitter at the same time from one plug
  • Collar charging cradle
  • Belt clip + lanyard for the transmitter
  • Test light
  • SportDOG Owner’s Manual / Operating Guide
  • “Behavior & Training Guide” booklet by Charles Jurney with Rick Smith and Tom Dokken
  • Basic Training DVD featuring pro trainers Charles Jurney, Rick Smith, Tom Dokken, and Chris Akin

Features of the SportDOG SD-1825

  • Waterproof and submersible Collar and Transmitter
  • No external collar antenna to get hung up
  • One mile range – Longest range at it’s price point
  • The SD1825 is expandable to use with up to six dogs
  • Push-button ON/OFF switch activated at the collar
  • Customizable transmitter settings — choose from 13 pre-set modes
  • Up to 16 levels of continuous stimulation and 16 levels of momentary stimulation
  • Instantly change stimulation intensity from the transmitter (tactile dial)
  • Tone only option (1 & 2 dog modes only)
  • Vibration only option (1, 2, & 3 dog modes only)
  • Built in toggle switch (so you can upgrade to up to 6 dogs later)
  • Rechargeable, user replaceable Lithium Ion batteries in collar and transmitter
  • Two Hour Rapid Charge system
  • Docking station collar charger
  • Low Battery Detect indicators on both transmitter and receiver
  • Backed by a Two Year Manufacturer Warranty

SportDOG SD-1825 Batteries

  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Two Hour Rapid Charge System for the transmitter and collar
  • Collar Docking Station — no mud plugs required
  • User-replaceable, rechargeable batteries in the collar and transmitter
  • Get 40-60 hours “on time” between charges
  • Comes with a DUAL LEAD CHARGER and collar cradle. Save time because you can charge both collar and transmitter at the same time from one plug

Stimulation from the SportDOG SD-1825

  • The SD-1825 has multiple intensity levels, which allows you to choose the stimulation that is best for your dog.
  • Eight intensity levels can be quickly adjusted with the dial on the side of the transmitter. This means that you can instantly adjust intensity whenever distractions increase.
  • Teach yardwork/obedience and enforce known commands with lower levels of stimulation.
  • Use higher levels to stop unwanted chasing or to overcome strong distractions.
  • Up to 16 levels of continuous stimulation and 16 levels of momentary stimulation, depending on which mode you choose.

The SportDOG SD1825 models can have a low and a high button for continuous stimulation. The low continuous stimulation levels and gradual increases between levels on the SD1825 are particularly useful with sensitive dogs or breeds.

SportDOG SD-1825 Range

One mile range, which is ample for most dog training or hunting situations. Actual range depends on training conditions, including weather, terrain, presence of cover, etc.

* IMPORTANT – Please consult your local veterinary practitioner to determine if this product is right for you. And don’t forget to check your individual State laws regarding possession and or use of this product before placing an order.