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Training The Dominant K9

Many people speak of “dominance” when they talk about dog training. This theory suggests that because dogs in the wild live in packs, you must be the pack leader so your dog will obey and look up to you.


Elite K9 Handler – Watch And Learn

In this video you will see a truly impressive display of K9 handling. The moment I’m referring to is at 43 seconds. Although the handler shakes off the pain, I have no doubt that he has a broken bone in his hand somewhere and deep tissue damage.


The Biggest Mistake Made With A High Drive K9

Being told your mistaken and punished all the time does nothing for your confidence other than slowly wear it away. Your dog is the same. It’s all about confidence. So how do you correct your dog without deteriorating confidence?


The Truth About Drive

You will hear the word ‘drive’ spoken no doubt, when in the company of serious K9 enthusiasts. But what does it really mean in a practical application. I mean, what good is having drive?


I Want A Dog With Huge Drive

That’s what I hear from people who have familiarized themselves with the security dog world and have learned the language or the K9 handler.


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How To Correct Disobedience Without Diminishing Drive

Everyone knows that timing is crucial when correcting your K9 but few people realize they are also correcting wanted behavior as well as unwanted behavior at the same time. So how can you single out the reason for the correction and make it clear to your dog why the correction was delivered?