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Socializing Your K9 Puppy

When your pup is growing up, it’s important that you are aware of the critical socialization periods that they go through. There are three main socialization periods in dogs:


A Tip For Introducing Your K9 To Dogs Off Lead

It’s hard to feel sociable when you are forced into a corner. It’s much better to meet and greet on even and neutral grounds, where both parties are free to leave at any time.


Creating A Super Focused K9

Understanding what the competing forces in the immediate natural environment are extremely important. If you were just about to wash your car and a UFO landed in front of you it would be fair to say that you would probably stop what you were doing and focus on the UFO.


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The Truth About Kids And Dogs

I’m asked frequently, “Will my Personal Protection Dog be ‘Ok’ alone with my kids?” This is a topic that all dog owners have an opinion on. This is my opinion, if you disagree then click away.


Two Kinds Of Attack Dogs

There are essentially two kinds of attack dogs. One will attack when you decide and the other will attack when it decides to attack.