The Truth About Drive

Posted: July 9, 2010 by at Drive

You will hear the word ‘drive’ spoken no doubt, when in the company of serious K9 enthusiasts. But what does it really mean in a practical application. I mean, what good is having drive?

Drive is essentially another word for desire. The deep passionate want for something. The insatiable need to possess something. Like food or sex. Drive is God’s gift to the K9. It was the single most important ingredient in the dog’s genetic makeup that gave it the mindset to persist until success. It has been almost bred out unfortunately in recent times, but for the traditional purist breeders that bred specifically for Drive and not looks. Drive allows the dog to hunt down it’s prey hour after hour, day after day and even week after week if need be. The relentless desire to have something that is instinctively it’s right to possess.

A K9 with no drive is called a dog. But a dog with drive is not always called a K9. You see, to be a really good K9 and Personal Protection Dog your dog needs to have drive that is off the scale. When you see a dog with huge quantities of drive it is like seeing a wild animal in action. Totally focused and totally ‘in the zone’. Drive is not limited to a specific breed. And anyone that has ever seen a Kelpie for example working a flock of sheep would have witnessed something really extraordinary. Kelpies are just sensational! But you don’t have sheep I hear you say. Yea I know, but you have work for your K9 to do I’m sure. Like perimeter sweeps or bomb detection or a manhunt in the garage or in the upstairs quarter of the house. This is were you had better have a dog with huge drive you can rely on. Imagine sending your dog upstairs to check out a noise only to follow him up moments later to find him sitting on the bed chewing a pillow because half way through the task he decided to take some time out. Huge drive allows your dog to stay focused on the task at hand until completion.

In Summary – You want a dog with HUGE amounts of drive because drive is what will allow your dog to focus for very long periods of time without distraction.