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Dealing With Territorial Problems

Dogs are territorial creatures by nature. They mark their territory with urine, and expect that no other dogs will violate these markings. They will defend their territory and if another animal or person does enter their domain, they will turn them away with growling, barking, or even biting. They often guard resources, such as food or favorite toys, and this makes them particularly dangerous around children.


Preventing K9 Behavioral Problems

You will enjoy your relationship with your dog so much more if they don’t have any annoying behavioral problems, such as being overly fearful. It’s important that you put the effort into raising your puppy properly, so they grow up to be happy confident dogs. It’s not too difficult to instill proper behavior in dogs. All you need is a little patience and determination.


Using Punishment In K9 Training

Many people involved in dog training are confused about what punishment actually means. It doesn’t necessarily mean hitting your dog, or scruffing and shaking them. Punishment is defined as something that reduces the likelihood that your dog will repeat a particular behavior.


How Your K9 Learns

It’s important to understand how dogs learn, so we can take advantage of that when we are training them. One important fact you need to keep in mind when trying to teach your dog anything is this: there has to be something in it for him. Dogs are simple creatures – if they find something rewarding and enjoyable, they’ll do it again.


6 Common Reasons Your K9 Bites

Your dog may bite for many reasons. How you should deal with this behavior depends on why he acted in this way.


Training The Dominant K9

Many people speak of “dominance” when they talk about dog training. This theory suggests that because dogs in the wild live in packs, you must be the pack leader so your dog will obey and look up to you.


How To Correct Your Dog

It seems that these days the measure of your skill as a handler is dependent on the way you deliver a correction. So how do I deliver a correction?


The Best Time For Corrections

Corrections are a vital part of your dogs learning and conditioning process. Your dog will never completely ‘get it’ to the point that you never again have to correct unwanted behavior.


Getting Your K9 To Listen

There is an old saying. “If you want to he heard then say little”.


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How To Correct Disobedience Without Diminishing Drive

Everyone knows that timing is crucial when correcting your K9 but few people realize they are also correcting wanted behavior as well as unwanted behavior at the same time. So how can you single out the reason for the correction and make it clear to your dog why the correction was delivered?


The Biggest Mistake You Will Ever Make With Your Puppy

When you bring your puppy home for the first time your puppy will be extremely overwhelmed. The new smells and sights and the separation from mother and litter will be traumatic for your little friend.