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Therapy Dog Training 101

Therapy dog training must begin long before a handler brings his or her dog to be evaluated for certification. The process isn’t always easy and it isn’t for everyone – or every dog.


Security Issues For The Modern Woman

Women in today’s society are more at risk of being victims of a crime than ever before. This is partially due to changes in society, increasing incidents of violence, robbery and sexual assaults as well as increased levels of personal information available over the internet. This book will outline the various areas of security risks for women as well as provide research and information about the issues. The final section of each chapter will highlight strategies and tips that women can use to protect them and minimize the chance of these issues becoming problematic.

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US Navy Seal Dogs

US Navy Seal dogs might be enjoying a surge in public admiration since the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, but the fact of the matter is that the Navy has been employing war dogs for decades. Trained to do most things a regular sailor can do and many things he can’t, these battle canines are elite warriors credited with saving thousands of lives. But don’t be caught on the wrong side of the battlefield, because these warriors can take a life just as easily as they can save one.


Training A Fast Recall

We all want our dogs to come back when they are called, but it’s even better if they do it quickly! This can be a safety issue; if your dog is in harm’s way, the last thing you want is for them to dawdle! So, how do you get your dog to stop what they are doing and come to you as fast as they can?


What Is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a way of training your dog without using any force or compulsion. It is based on a system of rewards: the dog does what you want him to and he is then rewarded with a treat, or a game of tug.


Benefits Of Clicker Training Your K9

Clicker training is an effective and enjoyable way of training your dog. It has many benefits over more conventional training techniques such as using check chains or other compulsive methods.


Operant Conditioning Your K9

Operant conditioning is a “buzz word” in the animal training world, but what exactly does it mean?

It’s fairly straightforward to understand. Operant conditioning is a way of training dogs using positive and negative consequences for their behavior.


How Your K9 Learns

It’s important to understand how dogs learn, so we can take advantage of that when we are training them. One important fact you need to keep in mind when trying to teach your dog anything is this: there has to be something in it for him. Dogs are simple creatures – if they find something rewarding and enjoyable, they’ll do it again.


K9 Separation Anxiety

Some dogs just don’t like being alone, and become anxious and distressed whenever their owner leaves them behind. They may scratch at the furniture, destroy the cushions and defecate on the carpet. It’s not pleasant for the dog or their owner.


Understanding K9 Body Language

If only they could talk! You may be surprised to know that your dog can communicate with you very well, but he just doesn’t use words. He speaks “body language” and by watching his eyes, ears, mouth and tail, you can learn to interpret what he is saying to you.


3 Reasons Why Your K9 Barks

A barking dog can be very annoying, even if it is your own dog that’s making all the noise! It’s important that you work out why your dog is barking before you try to stop it, because if you take the wrong approach, it won’t work.


Springer – The Essential User’s Guide

I wrote this book when people started to ask me how I got my dog to turn on command and follow the bike without any confusion or resistance.

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