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Security Issues For The Modern Woman

Women in today’s society are more at risk of being victims of a crime than ever before. This is partially due to changes in society, increasing incidents of violence, robbery and sexual assaults as well as increased levels of personal information available over the internet. This book will outline the various areas of security risks for women as well as provide research and information about the issues. The final section of each chapter will highlight strategies and tips that women can use to protect them and minimize the chance of these issues becoming problematic.

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Why You Need Privacy

It’s not about having something to hide it’s about having something to keep.


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53 Points You Should Know About Personal Protection Dogs

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Two Kinds Of Attack Dogs

There are essentially two kinds of attack dogs. One will attack when you decide and the other will attack when it decides to attack.


How To Apprehend An Offender With Your K9

You’ve set your dog onto an offender. The offender has buckled under the strain of the bite and the weight of the dog. What are you going to do now?


The Best Attack Dog Command

The best Attack dog command a dog can learn is the ‘OUT’ command. This is a command to release the bite. Why is this so important?