Training A Fast Recall

Posted: May 9, 2011 by at General

We all want our dogs to come back when they are called, but it’s even better if they do it quickly! This can be a safety issue; if your dog is in harm’s way, the last thing you want is for them to dawdle! So, how do you get your dog to stop what they are doing and come to you as fast as they can?

1. Reward your dog for giving you attention when you call their name. Have a few of their favorite treats at your fingertips, say their name, and give them a treat. By doing this you encourage your dog to respond immediately you call them.

2. Teach your dog to actually come when called. Train them using a long leash, and when you call them, gently reel them in towards you while encouraging them to come closer. Always reward them when they get to you. When your dog is reliable on leash, you can then practice the same thing off leash.

3. Don’t stop the game when your dog comes to you. Make sure you practice calling them, rewarding them and letting them go and play for a little longer. If your dog thinks that when they come to you, they have to leave the dog park, they are going to take their time in making their way over to you.

4. Never ever call your dog to you and yell at them or, even worse, strike them. This will only teach them that coming to you is not very pleasant, and they will be very apprehensive about coming when called next time. Even if you are angry at your dog, make sure you praise and reward them for coming when called.

In Summary – A good fast recall is important, and it is something that should be taught to every dog. Because dogs all learn at different rates, it may not happen overnight. However, with consistent training and lots of rewards, your dog will soon be running towards you as soon as you call them, just as fast as their legs can carry them.