Preventing K9 Behavioral Problems

Posted: January 29, 2011 by at Problem Solving

You will enjoy your relationship with your dog so much more if they don’t have any annoying behavioral problems, such as being overly fearful. It’s important that you put the effort into raising your puppy properly, so they grow up to be happy confident dogs. It’s not too difficult to instill proper behavior in dogs. All you need is a little patience and determination.

The first thing you should do is leave your puppy with their mother until they are at least eight weeks old. This will allow them time to learn dog communication skills, and will reduce the risk of them having difficulties interacting with other dogs when they are older.

Next, start them out with puppy classes as soon as they have been appropriately vaccinated. At these classes, they can interact with other puppies and their owners in a safe and controlled environment. Puppy classes also include basic obedience lessons which your pup will enjoy, and will make them easier to have in your home. Continue with obedience training throughout your dog’s life, because a well behaved dog is a pleasure to own.

Obedience classes also reinforce your position of authority in your household. Dogs are a pack animal, and they need a strong and effective pack leader. This doesn’t mean you need to be bossy or aggressive to your dog; just be fair and consistent, and stay in charge. On a similar note, there’s no need to yell, scream or strike at your dog – this will only scare them, and damage your relationship. A good leader doesn’t lose control.

Dogs are very intelligent and it’s not easy for them to spend their days doing nothing. Under these circumstances you can expect them to find their own entertainment. This can take the form of barking at the fence line, digging holes and playing with your clean laundry. Make sure you keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated with regular exercise and games. Schedule in time to spend with your dog every day. At least an hour. If you don’t have an hour everyday then don’t get a dog – get a Goldfish.

In Summary – Getting a dog is a huge investment of your time and effort. Get it right from an early age and don’t introduce problems yourself. A dog with behavioral issues can make life a drag.