This is a list of suggested contents of a dog first aid kit, and some general advice on how to use them. It’s a good idea to have a first aid kit for your dog within easy reach. After all, you don’t know when your dog might injure themselves, and you don’t want to waste time looking for first aid supplies in the event of an emergency.

1. Gauze sponges can be used to bathe injured skin, and to apply pressure to any bleeding wounds.

2. Iodine wash is antibacterial and will effectively clean any wounds or skin abrasions.

3. Vetrap bandage is very handy for holding a gauze sponge in place. It sticks to itself so you don’t need any tape. Don’t pull it too tight as it may interfere with the circulation of blood to that part of your dog’s body.

4. Triple antibiotic ointment can be applied to skin abrasions after they have been cleaned.

5. Saline eye wash is essential for removing dirt or foreign bodies from your dog’s eye. It is best to purchase a few single-use vials, so you can open a fresh, sterile vial each time you need it.

6. Tweezers are good for removing splinters or thorns from your dog’s skin.

7. Scissors are always useful. They can be used for trimming hair away from wounds, or cutting bandages. You don’t need sharp points on first aid scissors, so choose a pair with round tips.

8. Hydrocortisone cream will help alleviate the itch from an insect bite, and stop your dog from scratching it.

9. Disposable rubber gloves will keep your hands clean if your dog has blood on their fur, or if they have soiled themselves.

10. A blanket will keep your dog warm if they are in shock, and will make it easier to transport them to your veterinarian if they can’t walk.

In Summary – The aim of first aid treatment is to treat your dog’s injuries until you can get them to your veterinarian for further care. If you have a good first aid kit and a basic understanding of first aid principles, your dog will be in good hands if they are injured.