5 Common K9 Injuries

Posted: August 5, 2010 by at K9 Health & Fitness

Dogs go through life as if they are invincible; however their owners are well aware that they are not! Injuries do happen, and they can be as minor as a cut to the skin, or as severe as a fractured bone. These are the most common injuries that your dog will have to contend with.

1. Bruises. It’s not easy to see a bruise on your dog because of their hair coat. They bruise just like we do, but we may not even notice. Unless your dog is particularly sore or the bruise is extensive, there’s no need for any specific treatment.

2. Sore legs. Many dogs have only two speeds – “really fast” and “still”. It’s not uncommon for them to develop a limp after a particularly exuberant game of chase. This is often a sprained ligament, and rest will help your dog recover.

3. Abrasions and cuts to the skin. These too can be the result of the rough and tumble of a dog’s playtime. A deep cut will need sutures, but abrasions can usually be treated by washing them with an iodine solution to keep them clean and prevent infection.

4. Torn toenails. These are very common, and the dewclaws are more likely to be torn than any other nail. A torn nail is very painful, and the nail may need to be removed, or at the very least, clipped short.

5. Eye injuries. Your dog’s cornea can get scratched, and this hurts. You’ll notice if they have an injured eye because they won’t open the affected eye, and it may have a watery discharge. If it is particularly irritating, your dog will rub their eye on the ground to get some relief. Don’t be complacent when it comes to eye injuries, and see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

In Summary – Unless we wrap them in cotton wool and keep them by our side all the time, we can’t prevent our dog getting injured. If you have a basic knowledge of first aid and seek veterinary help as soon as you can, your dog should make a full recovery.