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1. Like it or not, the law will tell you what you can and cannot do.
2. In many States, councils have the power to destroy your dog ‘legally’.
3. In others, simply the Ranger/Sheriff/Police Officer/other official can legally make the assessment on the day as to whether your dog should be destroyed immediately.
4. Check the local laws regarding dogs that have been trained to bite a human on command.
5. Ask a lawyer for advice.
6. Talk to the council about the collars and muzzles your dog must wear, and signs you have to display on your mailbox or front gate.
7. Owning a K9 that is capable of killing a violent offender comes with serious responsibilities.
8. You need a trainer to help you. It takes years to be able to read a dog’s body language and communicate with the dog effectively in a two way stream.
9. Quality trainers find clients via word of mouth marketing. You will not find their services advertised.
10. A PPD is a highly trained elite athlete comparable to a trained military fighter, like a Navy Seal or Commando or some other Special Forces combatant.
11. A PPD does things which go against its natural instincts. More psychology goes into training these dogs than people can imagine.
12. A true PPD has been trained since birth.
13. It is anticipated that a PPD will be able to perform under extreme circumstances.
14. A PPD that has undergone the correct socialization will fear nothing.
15. You need to specify the kinds of socializations that are suitable for your lifestyle.
16. These kinds of experiences require a committed owner and handler team working for a common result.
17. The time you spend on your dog will be extensive. Be realistic about the long-term commitment required. Expect your PPD to have a service life of between 8 – 10 years.
18. Socialization is probably the single most important factor in a dog’s development.
19. Bloodlines are a selling point, and so are the achievements of the lineage.
20. Buying a puppy is buying potential.
21. You must appreciate the value of an animal that will fight for you to its dying breath.
22. A working dog has a burning Drive to work. Drive is the reason your dog will stay focused for long periods of time.
23. You cannot find dogs like this in a pet shop.
24. The perfect PPD is a cool, calm and collected animal, very predictable.
25. Your own Physique is also a consideration. If you are light, get a lighter dog.
26. A PPD is a dog that has only ever known victory – it has never lost a fight, not as a puppy, or as an adult.
27. Socializing requires a second person, a helper.
28. Your helper will make or break your dog.
29. A good helper can read a dog perfectly. Every little movement and gesture in body language will be picked up by the helper.
30. At no time must you ever bruise your dog’s ego in contest. Your PPD must never feel you overpower it, for it will shatter its world.
31. You can’t brutalize a PPD.
32. Regular exercise is crucial.
33. These dogs require skilled handling at all times.
34. As predictable as they are, you should never forget the capabilities of this kind of dog to injure, intentionally or accidentally.
35. Kids and dogs don’t mix.
36. If you already have a dog, you must wait until your dog dies before getting a PPD.
37. Your PPD requires favoritism, which will make any other animal in your life miserable.
38. Dogs are masters of body language
39. Your PPD will accept your shortcomings as human being, and will love you unquestionably until the day it dies.
40. Alcohol and drugs do not mix when handling these specialty dogs.
41. Giving your dog wrong signals will create conflict with your dog.
42. Your PPD will be trained to be totally dependent on you.
43. Only a few trainers can balance a dog correctly. Balancing a dog is all about one experience over another.
44. Your dog’s life should be full of training sessions and mental and physical conditioning sessions.
45. You need to understand your PPD is NOT a pet. It is more of a tool.
46. Every interaction with this animal needs to be deliberate and thought through.
47. A PPD is not a gun, but should be treated like a weapon.
48. Your dog must always be between you and the attacker. Close quarter combat only.
49. A PPD is a perfect compliment to a modern security system.
50. A guard dog will physically deter any intruder. It doesn’t matter at all if the intruder does not fear the dog.
51. The modern PPD is an example of humanity’s genuine desire to create a bond with an animal, and to understand and support its world with clear communication.
52. PPD’s are not cheap.
53. It is a widely accepted belief in the security industry that a good security dog can do the work of 3 men.

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