Choosing A Stud Dog

Posted: August 9, 2010 by at Breeding

When you breed working dogs, your aim is to produce offspring that are healthy in body and mind, and can be trained to do their job well. To do this, you need to start with healthy parents.


Here are some guidelines on how to choose the best stud dog for your bitch.

1. The stud should have a good working ability. There are some lines in each breed that are bred to work, and have a lot of natural instinct. Other lines are bred for the show ring. Choose your stud from working lines, and check his pedigree to make sure he isn’t too closely related to your bitch.

2. He should be free of genetic diseases. Some of these diseases, for example hip dysplasia, will affect a dog’s ability to work. Do your best to reduce the likelihood of your pups being affected by such a disease.

3. He should have a healthy reproductive system. Even though dogs with one testicle are still fertile, they are not a good choice for your bitch. This condition is thought to be hereditary. Make sure the dog has been tested for Brucellosis.

4. Any working dog should have a sound temperament. There is no place for uncontrolled aggression in these dogs. Choose a stud that is confident and assertive, and gets on well with people and other dogs.

5. You may prefer to choose a stud that is proven, that is he has already sired a litter. However, if your bitch is young and you are prepared to take the chance that she may not become pregnant, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try a young male who hasn’t yet fathered pups.

6. There are practical aspects of choosing a stud dog that may influence your choice. You will have to budget for the stud fee, and this can vary between dogs. It is customary for the bitch to visit the stud for mating, and it will be easier to do this if the stud isn’t too far from you.

In Summary – Start looking for your stud dog several months before your bitch is due to come into season. That way you’ll have time to make the right choice and make arrangements for their mating.