How Much To Spend On Dog Food

Posted: June 23, 2010 by at Uncategorized

How much to spend on dog food.

I pay around $100US for a 17kg bag. I could pay more but I wouldn’t get better. Brand is not important, quality is.

Get some premium samples from your pet food store and see which one your dog really likes, then stick with that one. Give your dog the food as treats and see which brand it likes the most, which brand it works the hardest for.

The cheap dog food goes through your dog and your dog will be leaving feces everywhere in a watery mess. This is because cheap dog food is mostly water and lacks nutrients and is not absorbed into the dog’s body effectively. If you like scooping up your dog’s ‘whippies’ then buy the cheap stuff- especially if you’re not buying the kibble.

The expensive dog food is well worth the money. I’m convinced that the manufacturers have tried their hardest to produce a premium product for the market and have spent millions on research and development getting the recipes to include all the absorb-able nutrition possible.

I do think you get what you pay for when it comes to dog food and you can see the difference in a few days. Your dog will be defecating about 50% less because the food is being absorbed and there is little waste for your dog to process. The stools are harder and the whole defecating process is much faster and the experience appears to be more comfortable for your dog.

The energy levels are the biggest indicator. Your dog will abound with energy and this tells me that the nutrients are getting in.

If you understand the concept of value over cost then you will appreciate what I’m saying however in the real world it all comes down to economics.

In Summary – Get the best premium commercial grade dog food you can afford.