You’ve set your dog onto an offender. The offender has buckled under the strain of the bite and the weight of the dog. What are you going to do now?

So you fancy yourself as a bit of hands on kind of person and want to get in there and team up with your dog. Good for you! That is what your dog really needs now, a little back up. If you’re physically capable and understand the process of bringing the offender before the court via police then go for it.

You need to consider one more thing and that’s how you are going to restrain the offender. If you carry a rope or handcuffs, or cable ties or the like with the intention of using these devices to tie up an offender, you will be guilty of an offense yourself. It is illegal in most parts of the world to carry implements to use as weapons or to tie someone up unless you are in the Police Force or hold some other official capacity.

If you use your dog’s lead to tie the offender’s hands together because it was handy at the time, then that’s considered to be reasonable. Your belt could also be used, the pull sting in your track pants or a necktie or even shoelaces would be equally effective. You could let the offender get away however and simply report the incident to Police. Get away you say? Yea! Get away. If you let the offender go you could face this person again later down the track. If you go to court then this offender will be released and guess what? You could see this offender later down the track.

In Summary – Do not go out with tools to use as weapons or as implements to ‘tie anyone up’. If you do then you could be appearing in court as the defendant. I recommend letting the bad guy get away and saving you the legal drama and possible lawsuit that may follow only to then see the offender walking free.