K9 Foot Problems

Posted: January 9, 2011 by at K9 Health & Fitness

Foot problems in dogs are common, but they still must be treated seriously. A dog with a sore foot will often not put the sore paw on the ground at all. If there’s a cut or abrasion to the foot pad, they may leave bloody footprints as they walk.

It is fairly easy for a dog to sustain a cut to the pad of his paw, especially if they are an outdoor dog. If your dog has such an injury, it’s important that their foot is kept clean and protected. Wash the foot with warm salt water, and protect it with a soft bandage. Don’t be surprised if your dog pulls the bandage off; they tend not to like having strange things on their feet. If that happens, the best you can do is keep them in a clean environment, and keep washing the foot. If you are concerned about infection, or you think your dog may need sutures, a visit to your veterinarian is in order.

Toenails can be another cause of foot pain in dogs. Nails need regular trimming to avoid them becoming too long. If they do, they may get caught and tear, which is very painful indeed. A broken nail needs to be trimmed or removed, but you may need veterinary help to do this. If your dog’s dewclaws grow long and curl under, they will eventually dig into the pads of the paw. When this happens, it can cause open sores and infection. If the nails aren’t too embedded in the paw pads, you can cut them yourself, but if you are nervous, or concerned about infection, again make an appointment with your vet.

Dogs with skin allergies can develop redness and inflammation between their footpads. They may lick the skin until it is raw, and they often have a secondary bacterial or fungal infection. These feet definitely need veterinary care to relieve the constant itching and irritation.

In Summary – Sore feet will interfere with how much dogs enjoy themselves. If you see your dog showing signs of a sore foot, have it diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.