K9 Poop Eating

Posted: May 26, 2011 by at Drills & Tactics

Some dogs eat poop. It is disgusting, but it happens. It even has a medical name – Coprophagia. It is actually a normal behavior in bitches as they clean up after their puppies.

The good news is that while it may be repulsive to humans, this behavior isn’t likely to make your dog sick. However, make sure they are wormed regularly so they don’t pick up any parasites from their bad habit.

Nobody really knows why dogs eat poop. Let’s look at some possible causes of their socially unacceptable behavior.

Your dog’s diet may be the culprit. Sometimes nutrients such as protein aren’t completely digested and are passed out in the feces. These may be quite appealing the second time around. Your dog’s gross habit may have developed in association with a change in diet.

They may also have learned to eat poop by watching another dog, or by trying to hide the evidence that they have pooped. This can occur if you get angry at them for pooping in the wrong place.

Because there is no simple cause of this problem, it goes without saying that there isn’t a straightforward cure either. Here are some suggestions you may want to try.

1. Try a change in diet to see if that makes their poop less appealing. Try adding meat tenderizer to his meal to help digest the protein in their food, so there is less in their poop.

2. Add something to the poop to make it less appealing. Pepper or chili sauce on your dog’s droppings may startle them into leaving them alone.

3. Teach them to “leave it” on command, and tell them to leave the poop alone. This relies on you being there to watch them whenever they go to the toilet, which isn’t always convenient. At least it looks better when friends come over.

4. Pick up any dog poop in your yard every day, so your dog doesn’t get the opportunity to snack on it.

Ultimately, in spite of your best efforts, there may not be a solution to your K9’s Coprophagia. You may just have to live with their taste in food, and love him for their other wonderful qualities.

In Summary – If your dog likes to eat shit then get another dog.