Springer Dog Jogger Harness Tweak

Posted: July 12, 2010 by at Springer

Trying to find the perfect Springer Dog Jogger harness can be a waste of time. You can simply modify your existing harness for under $10.

The ideal Springer Dog Jogger harness has a running D-Ring or O-Ring on the side of the harness. They don’t make them like this. Attaching the Springer’s line to the ring on the centre of a harness between the dog’s shoulder blades, results in the harness twisting and lifting into your dog’s armpit. This point of attachment is not the ideal. The ideal point of attachment is on the side of the harness. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is too buy a Karabiner and attach it to the side of the harness.

A neck collar is out of the question because it could kill your dog if you fall off the bike, and should be avoided. A harness allows your dog to run freely and comfortably with little risk of injury.

Another alternative is to use a little length of Paracord and make a loop. A good knot to use if you like making knots is a Prusik Knot or Triple Sliding Hitch. However, this kind of knot doesn’t slide around like just attaching a Karabiner would. I like using the Karabiner because if I need a Karabiner for some crazy reason I have one available. The harness I use is one where the girth strap, where I attach my Karabiner to, can be moved around freely without it repositioning the rest of the harness. This feature is also ideal for the Springer Dog Jogger harness.

I’ve been using a Karabiner for years and never had a problem.

In Summary – Don’t buy a special harness for your Springer. Just attach a Karabiner or make a Prusik Knot with a bit of Paracord.