Springer Dog Jogger Tweak

Posted: July 13, 2010 by at Springer

I’ve been asked why my Springer Dog Jogger is positioned on an angle and how I set that up. Well it was really easy.

After tweak

Original Position

As you can see from the model’s foot position in the picture, there are about 4 more inches you gain just by drilling a hole 10mm beside the original factory made hole. All I did was drill a small 10mm hole beside the hole that was already there. I did this to give me a little more heel room. When I ride I prefer to put the ball of my foot on the pedal, which puts my heel really close to the Springer. I was conscious of touching the Springer frame with every pedal I cycled and it made me think of setting it back a few inches, so I adjusted it.

I took it to a friend of mine who owns an engineering shop and he just drilled a hole straight through the hollow pipe in about 5 seconds. I would recommend using a drill press to get hole orientation true. If you try and drill it with a hand drill then you might find you haven’t quite drilled a true line through the tube and the pin will give you grief to get it through. In any case this little tweak gave me extra legroom and didn’t affect the performance of the Springer one little bit. Give it a go yourself if you or a friend has a drill press or just ask an engineer to drill it for you. This is a tiny job so It shouldn’t cost you more than $10 to get it done if they charge you at all.

In Summary – Just drill a little hole beside the one that’s there for the pin to go through.