The best Attack dog command a dog can learn is the ‘OUT’ command. This is a command to release the bite. Why is this so important?

Because Tactical Disengagement (TD) is essential to your dog’s survival and yours. TD allows your dog to re-access the best position to attack from and allow for a more tactical bite. The ‘OUT’ command also allows you to keep control of the situation so you are not using excessive force where it does not need to be applied. A well timed TD allows you to recall your dog to your side and allows the offender to escape instead of feeling the need to fight for his life. If you have no intention or the means to physically takedown or restrain the offender then you will not achieve this. The offender is not going to ‘come quietly’ just because you say so. An offender’s first instinct is to flee from the danger your dog poses and you should allow this to happen by not hindering the offender. If the offender wants to leave then let him! The last thing you want is to have an ongoing confrontation or find yourself faced with an offender that kills your dog and finds nothing to stop him from going after you. You must always keep your dog in between you and the bad guy.

In Summary – Give the dog a bite if need be and then call him off ASAP and allow the offender to escape.