The Best Breed For A K9

Posted: July 7, 2010 by at General

I’ll tell you straight off the bat. There isn’t one. There are a few.

There are really only two considerations. Let’s look at functionality and aesthetics in reverse order. My advice is to go for a breed that you like the most, as you will be looking at that breed for the next 10 years. So if you like huskies because they look like a wolf or Dobermans because they look prestigious or you have always wanted a boxer then you should get a boxer and if you’ve always wanted a German Shepard then get that breed. That would be your starting point.

Now that you know which breed you like to look at, search for a breeder that has excellent working dog bloodlines. Not show dog bloodlines. Why? Because working dogs are bred to work and have a high drive characteristic which you really want in your chosen breed. High drive is a highly desirable attribute in a K9 and as a matter of fact is not breed specific. I mean you can find a high drive dog in all breeds. But not every breed is physically capable of fending off an attacker.

Ok so now you have chosen the breed you want to spend the next 10 years looking at and have chosen one from strong working bloodlines. Invest a hell of a lot time and effort training this beast honing its skill set and you will be ready to rock and roll with the best of them.

Here are some other considerations. A lot of people weigh up longhaired vs. shorthaired because of maintenance needs but I’ve never found hair to be a problem. When I see dog hair it reminds me of my dog and this memory is not a bad one. Big dogs produce big poo. Great, it’s easier to see and clean up. Small dogs don’t have the knock down power of a big dog. Not true. Ask anyone that has ever owned an English Staffordshire Terrier and I’ll bet you that they personally have been bowled over like a ten pin more than once. At a run up these little dogs will sweep you off your feet. Don’t think for a minute that a little dog like this will not be capable of inflicting severe injury to an attacker. So do Staffies make good PPD’s? Sure do! There biting power cannot be ignored. When one of these little dogs gets a bite they latch on and, CRUNCH! Staffies are pocket rockets built like a medicine ball. You will not find a smaller dog more willing and able. So don’t consider anything smaller than an English Staffordshire Terrier as a PPD.

So for those who are struggling to decide which breed they like the most then just hold off until you have seen some more. Talk to people who have your shortlist of dogs you are considering and spend some time with these animals. Ask the owners if you can take their dog for a walk and spend time with these animals. You will find that in most cases a K9 will pick you.

In Summary – Go with a breed you like the most aesthetically. Then choose that breed from a breeder with a pool of good strong working genes. But be realistic about that breed’s capacity to fend off an attacker. Don’t ask me later to point you to where you can find a breeder that specializes in the working bloodlines of attack Pomeranians. I’m sure they are out there – Don’t send me the link please.