There is so much hype out there as to which training tool is the best. The simple answer is, they are all good. And, I mean all when used humanely. Train with your heart.

The reality is that in the wrong hands a feather could be used to the detriment to a K9’s development. Look at it like this; if you gave a heinous weapon to the nicest person you’ve ever heard of, it would be safe to say that you would have zero concerns for anyone’s safety. So, my point is that the tool is irrelevant in the hands of a nice person. The problem is not in the tools but in the person who is using the tool. This is such a simple and logical concept but there are so many articles and opinions out there on one tool being better than the other. So what’s my advice? My advice is to have a look at the main training tools like pinch collars, clickers, e-collar and then determine which is the appropriate tool for the lesson point or training point you want to teach your dog. Some tools are better than others for specific tasks. You’ll never see a carpenter try to cut timber with a hammer or drive a nail with plank. Clickers are fantastic but lack the range and versatility of E-collars. E-collars do not have the undeniably positive psychological effects that the clicker can induce. However, they both have their place in your tool kit. Don’t get caught up in the argument of which is more humane. Remember it is you that is the humane component in the situation and you can choose how humane you want to be. Do not allow people to deny your right to make your own decisions and effectively give you a guilt trip for choosing one tool over another. Most importantly do not allow people to assume that you are an imbecile who will brutalize your dog if given access to certain training tools. You make up your own mind. Do not let others assume that you will hurt you dog before you even have a chance to prove yourself and prove them wrong. You are not guilty until proven guilty. Always remember that.

In Summary – Do your research and have a go using different training tools for different applications. Don’t let anyone assume you are too incompetent to be allowed the opportunity to experiment and become an expert with that tool in your own right. If you love your dog you will not hurt your dog. Your dog trusts you so trust yourself.