There is no reason why you can’t groom your dog at home. This will allow you to save the money you would otherwise spend on a groomer. Perhaps you could spend it on a new toy for your dog or a special treat for them!

The first step in grooming your dog is to remove their collar, and brush their coat thoroughly. This removes any loose hair, and also the dust and dirt that accumulate in their fur between baths.

It is then bath time. If your budget allows, and you have a few dogs to bath, you might want to consider buying a hydro bath, but this isn’t necessary. You can use a garden hose to wet your dog’s coat, or put them in a bath tub full of warm water. It’s important to wet their coat completely; this can be difficult because a dog’s coat can be very water repellent.

Use a shampoo that is suitable for your dog’s coat type. In most cases, a mild soap-free shampoo is ideal. However, if your dog has a skin irritation, your veterinarian may recommend a medicated shampoo. Rub some shampoo between your wet hands then rub them on your dog. Lather the shampoo into their coat, and try to get the soap right down to their skin. When you are happy that their whole body has been washed, it’s time to rinse the shampoo off thoroughly, and dry them with a towel.

You’re not finished yet! Use a damp cotton ball to wipe inside your dog’s ears to remove any dust and loose ear wax. Never put a Q-tip in their ear, as this can damage their ear canal. Finish off your dog’s grooming session by carefully trimming their toenails.

Even if your dog needs their coat clipped in a specific style, you can learn to do this. Buy a grooming DVD, or ask an experienced groomer to show you how. Your first few attempts may not be perfect, but dogs tend not to be too upset by the occasional “bad hair day”.

In Summary – If you don’t want to do this for whatever reason then don’t feel bad about getting a professional to do it. It will get done right every time and your dog will enjoy the experience too.